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Fremont, Ca. host a very talented psychic, Hillary Freitas. By using her abilities she creates amazing changes in peoples lives.  She brings clarity with her psychic and medium skills along with peace and messages from beyond. A session may have a profound effect for many people. 

What you can expect when you get a reading is for Hillary to pull her cards out and begin to tell you things about your life and current situations. She doesn't like information to be given to her. So yes or no answers are best. During the reading she will tap into specific information. Information may be about family members and friends on the other side or your own future with love, money, changes and moves. Specific information such as names can come through in a reading, but not guaranteed.  A reading can be fun, amazing, scary and fascinating, most of all very personal and caring. FACEBOOK PAGE
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Legal Disclaimer:
No refunds. All sales are final unless otherwise stated. This service is provided for entertainment purposes only and no guarantees are implied or stated. You must be 18 years or older to receive a reading, unless it is in-person with parent or guardian. This reading is not a substitute for professional, legal, financial, medical, or psychiatric advice or care. Please seek the advice of a trained Medical Doctor about any health concerns. Any decision you make, because of a reading you do so of your own free will. You release Hillary Freitas of any and all liability resulting from use or misuse of information attained from Hillary Freitas. Readings are subject to the client's interpretation. 

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