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About Hillary Freitas
Hillary Freitas is a psychic, medium, clairvoyant and oracle/tarot reader.  She has an amazing talent that has been noticed among other psychics, which makes up a large amount of her clientele.  She grew up psychic, but pursued it as a profession off and on while going to school to become a nurse.  After a shift in the economy and work being hard to come by in the immediate area, Hillary took initiative and began promoting her psychic business with the help of her mentor Celebrity Psychic Belinda Bentley.  Hillary recalls "Belinda is a delightful psychic.  She is my psychic, that's how we met.  I told her I was a psychic too not knowing the poor thing hears this quote from other clients 500 times a day! But she believed in me, and told me she saw potential.  Without her I wouldn't be writing this."  Once meeting Bentley she had more confidence to pursue her gifts, and still attributes much of her professional start to her friendship with Belinda. Since then her input has helped re-open and close missing person investigations and murder cases that have been deemed a "cold case".

​The biggest struggle Hillary over came was growing up in a very strict Christian home.  She heard repeatedly that the bible says there will be false prophets, and that caused judgement to be cast when opening up about her gifts.  What helped her the most was her mothers support and love, Hillary didn't know about being a prophet, but she did know she saw and heard things clearly.  Later in life Hillary's mom confessed many family members had heightened intuition and may have been psychic as well.

Since she was around the age of three Hillary remembers talking to the dead. Her first memory was of her talking to a man because she wasn't ready to go to sleep, when her mom asked who she was talking too.  Young Hillary replied,
"The man next to you."
Her mom never told her this was bad, or not normal, so Hillary never suppressed her gifts.  When she saw Sylvia Browne on television answering peoples questions she knew immediately that she too was a psychic.  

Hillary admits she can't help herself around strangers,  "I do this thing where I go up to random people that I do not even know and start reading them because my spirit guide tells me they have a message for them."  Some instances are more intense than others, at times her gift wont let her leave a situation until she passes on the message. 

Hillary is now standing up as and is proud to be called a psychic.  Extremely intuitive and someone who helps other people, she plans to continue following the path that a higher power has called upon her for.
Committed to helping my clients achieve their dreams
"Hillary just read me and she is absolutely phenomenal. She touched themes that ONLY I knew and she was on the money!! She was so insightful and helpful. A beautiful spirit filled with golden light. God bless you, Hillary and thank you."
- Irene